173 HP
166 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3016 LB
All Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.5 L
Transmission Type
Standing Quarter Mile
16.26 Seconds
Zero to Sixty
9.6 Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
24 MPG

I am 18, I just bought this car after I rolled my last car. I was going to use the money I had from my last job to buy a second car but ended up spending it all on this one. Bought from a guy in Milwaukee, WI extremely dirty. I have recently thought about putting down the car hobby... you see... thats the thing for me. Its a hobby. I have always had the sore luck of choosing expensive hobbies... I started with R/C cars as a kid, then I got into computers and tech which I got some knowledge from, and then into cars. I love driving, and would love to actually own or make a preformance car. What a lot of people dont realize, who I dont think really understand car culture for a vast majority of people, is that it's beyond our means. People brought up and living in a diminished middle class, where hard work isn't payed well, small towns in unknown corners of the world where parts and the term "car culture" is only a whisper, and you have to peek inside every so few garage window, or down an empty back street to see maybe 1, or 2 cars that peak an interest. In these circumstances, you get used to the feeling of loneliness, and the feeling of excitement when you see someone who shares your passion. In my town, we have about 10,000 population, and so far there is only a small group of us. A few celica GTS's, a fox body, my subaru, and a turbo mrk4 jetta, all stock. We are the only ones. We have jobs and bills, just like everyone else. But the gap between something like my subaru, and a simple WRX is immense. Something mundane to you, is held in highest treasure today. To even have forced induction is at least a means to an end, a way to make power, while most of us squander in N/A purgatory, thousands of dollars away from any meaningful investment to our cars. Its hard to come to terms that my small little subaru will be of any meaning to the rest of the world, rejected due to its measly base-model-beginings. The giant push for power is not of my own wit, but by the width of my pocketbook, and by this body of labor. And so to dedicate myself to a car for anything more than a hobby, is stupid. Maybe one day Ill be able to call myself an enthusiast. It's easy to call out other enthusiasts as gifted, born into wealth, or spoiled. How else could someone my age afford any more. At this point in time, 90% of the money Ive made in my life has gone back ino my cars. I paid cash for each. Its hard to imagine a world where I could have re-wrote myself to be in a better position than I am today. Hard work is one thing, but life enveloping dedication is another. Ive already been called selfish, and been made fun of for my interest in cars. They are always on my mind, but I still dont have the means to do away with them. I have worked hard in life, and I dont think I deserve more or less than what I have, but I look to those more successful and ask "How?". My hope is when other people see me on the road, no matter the state of my car, stock, modified, or otherwise, they look at me with the same excitement as if any other enthusiast, so that despite the money, the dedication can be seen. Plans for this car-- I hope no one blames me for making an "STI" clone or something, I know it's not. I am going to make it into a rally car for the street though, mudflaps are on the way, my buddy offered to make an exhaust, I am looking for mounting bars for 4 lamps, a guy near me is selling a replacement white WrX hood and trunklid so I will be using those in the next comming weeks. Hopes are to have this build finished by springtime. NEED LIST-- This car is far from perfect. The guy I bought it from never washed it, so it took me an actual 6 hours to hose out all the mud, and rub off all the pendot rust spots. Tree sap, hail damage, passenger door has a a rust spot, trunk has a crease. Unfortunately it just isnt destined to be a queen but thats ok. Brakes- Wipers- Power steering fluid- Hole in the cat, sounds like a turbo but isnt- Heatshields are loose and rattle- Clean the stains off of the interior- WANT- Trunklid and spoiler Hood scoop Mudflaps Front light bar Rally lamps 2.5rs badge Rally wheels Catback exhaust ?Cams¿

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