This is the first Toyota Tacoma I've owned and I instantly fell in love with it. I've been seeing these trucks my whole life and always thought they looked cool. I purchased it Memorial Day weekend of 2019 and it's also the first vehicle I've bought brand new, so it's definitely my baby : ). I originally had my eyes set on the TRD Pro, but decided the things I liked about that truck I could do to a cheaper truck myself for a fraction of the cost. I'm 100% happy with the model of truck I chose and the games have just begun. I plan on keeping this thing til the wheels fall off. I got the truck home and immediately starting removing stock parts. I got bitten by the mod bug and I've been loving every minute learning, installing and upgrading this thing. I plan on a 3" Lift with 33" tires in the near future. I am totally overwhelmed with the copious amounts of upgrades, modifications and parts you can get for Tacoma's. 90-95% of my driving is on surface roads, so you will see this thing in pavement princess mode most of the time LOL. I've yet to take this thing off-road and break in the suspension, but I have big plans for it in the hills and mountains. It's got too many off-road options to not use. I'm still curious about the "crawl mode" setting. Sounds amazing. A wise man once said "If you don't look back at your vehicle when you walk away from it, you bought the wrong one." CHEERS!

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[]Ricardo Nieto

How does the AFE intake perform?

[]Logan Richey

Sorry for the delay. It performs quite well actually. Immediate noticeable difference in sound, throttle response and performance. It gives off a nice deep, strong sound.

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