170 HP
166 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3406 LB
Quattro awd
Engine Size
1.8T L
Transmission Type
6 speed
MPG (City/Highway)
22 MPG

Totaled Feb. 28, 2016 :( I searched for an a4 for almost a year, I knew I wanted something that was Quattro, manual, and had the 1.8t, everything I looked at was over priced or to far of a drive to pickup, luckily I travel for a living, but it was still hard to find the right car.  Twice I found a wrecked Ultrasport (which I had only briefly read about, but knew were rare) on cars.com, it was located in Chicago but I just wasn't looking for a car to rebuild.  Fast forward six months, I was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for work and found the same car posted on craigslist, since it was an hour drive South of me I decided to do a little more research into the USP package, eventually I came to the conclusion that I should at least check it out since it was so close.   The back story on the car: 19 year old kid (I assume the car was purchased by his parents) moved to Chicago for college, wasn't ready for traffic and a six speed, and got nailed, sold the car for nothing to a friend whom I bought it from. Fast forward, looking at the car in person, finally, I could tell it had potential and the carfax showed it wasn't totaled out, so I made my decision and took it home.  The passenger side doors and fender needed replaced, the quarter panel needed work, the hood was crumpled, and the entire front end needed rebuilt (rad support, cooling fans, radiator, condenser, headlights, etc.), blown airbag (dash replacement), eventually, I finished it all.  Apart from general maintenance, its been a great, reliable car.  It nearly has 200k miles, so failing parts are to be expected, but I can honestly say I am glad I purchased and rebuilt it, it turns heads everywhere I go and always puts a smile on my face no matter how fat and slow it is! :)

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