159 HP
315 LB-FT
Curb Weight
4843 LB
Engine Size
6.6 L
Transmission Type
3 spd Auto
Top Speed
104 MPH
Standing Quarter Mile
21 Seconds
Zero to Sixty
15.6 Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
12/17 MPG

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[]Jason Nay

Love the old school land yachts!!

[]Luc Allain

It drones a bit but at 60mph it's totally fine. Remember tho I only have 2.47 gears so it only revs like 1800 on the highway with the 3spd auto. if you have a higher ratio I imagine it would be quite annoying on the highway. I'm not sold on the sound yet but I will see as time goes by. Today is the very first time I drove it with the glasspack.

[]Peter Mitchell

how dose the Glass pack sound? also dose it drone out on the highway? i only ask because i have a 78 Mercury Marquis (same 6.6 L) and was thinking on livening it up a bit

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