200 HP
200 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2350 LB
t series
Engine Size
2 L
Transmission Type

1979 Toyota celica. chassis code ra42. I bought this car about 3 years ago. i had never seen the body style before, i fell in love immediately. i bought it for $900. Running but in rough shape.steering had about 3 in. of play and a 2x4 made its best impression of a dash board. also a Camry center console had a home in it thanks to the previous owner. the car shuddered and wobbled when purchased. first i repaired the steering. all new steering components and new tires fixed the wandering beast. second i touched up the black trim. the white headlight bezels killed it. i then set my eyes on suspension. which proved to be a bigger and unforeseeable ending tack than first expected. i found out very quickly that parts are hard to find for this car and aftermarket performance parts virtually non-existent. To tackle the suspension (and brakes) i opted to use some donor parts from a 1985 celica that i purchased at scrap price. I used the front strut casings and brakes. the 85' has bigger calipers with a better bracket design, not to mention vented rotors. The strut casings were then hacked up to fit aftermarket struts for the rear of a toyota mr2. the mr2 has a shorter strut so i had to shorten the celica casing by approx 38 mm. i also used t3 tuning camber plates for an ae86 (bolt in) Eibach ers springs 2.5 in made their home around the custom strut casing by means of t3 tuning weld on spring perches and top hat. the rear sees a combination of the same eibach ers springs in a 5in diameter and camaro rear shocks. odd i know. a battle version ae86 pan hard bar shortened by 1 1/2" (i believe) brought the rear end into alignment. (the owner of battle speed modified the bar to my spec. great guy) TOO BE FINISHED

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looking good.

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