Total weight
1575 Kg
Dead weight
1000 Kg
Fuel consumption
13,9 Km/L
85 Bhp
Engien number

I got this from my grandfather when he lost the ability to walk (and drive) After a year I was purposed an idea to make it half rat, half normal. We then spend 8 hours grinding off the paint on one side and painting the other side green. We cut the bumpers in half and made it look like it was hanging on with zip ties, then we poured some hydrochloric acid to make the ugly side rust faster. After a month or two when the rust looked good, I then put on some clear coat over the rust to prevent further rust. I found a old bicycle horn and mounted it to my side mirror to "bot" at people when I drive by. I purchased some new rims from a friend to make it look better and not drive on winter wheels year round. I later came across a TV-Antenna that I wanted to mount to the car, so I did. It works and ever since I've not received a bad radio signal.

This was how it looked when we started working on it, had already done some low level mods like, tape on the hood and sticker bomb on the side mirrors.

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[]Ernie Szots

This thing is a a trip!

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