800-1000 HP
700 LB-FT
Curb Weight
~1900 LB
Engine Size
6.0 L
Transmission Type

Meet my dream car, 800RS. Big 6.0L V8 with twin Garrett GTX3576R turbos, 315mm front tires, 335mm rear tires, 3-element front wing, 2 element (6'7" wide) rear wing. It's a monster under construction. With the idea that this will be the fastest Miata-based car in the world, the Exomotive Exocet platform seemed like the perfect choice. I planned out the drivetrain and suspension with people who have raced these parts (and many others). I planned out the aerodynamics with a well-published aerodynamicist and had my wings sent from the UK. All function. Assembled in my garage. The build is meant to be among the fastest non-pro cars in America. It is meant to be shared at public car shows and driven at track days. Most importantly, however, it's built for my enjoyment and I hope you appreciate the build. Ask me anything!

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[]Ozzie Suarez

How is this build going? I am planning an Exocet build for the beginning of 2019 and would love to see pictures and or videos of yours when you complete it. It would also be nice to hear about its on track performance since mine will be mostly dedicated to track use. Yours is a monster with V8 power. My idea is to build on a Miata with a Track Dog supercharger which I already have. Mine makes 255 HP at the wheels and that should be more than I really want. Hope to here from you, and thanks for sharing your awesome build with all of us.

[]Roh Toft

He gave up on it. He parted it out and sold it.

[]Tobias Linder

Is there even anything Miata still left on that car? ^^

[]Jaime Crist

Steering rack? haha

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