229 WHP
185 WTQ
Curb Weight
Engine Size
2.4 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
24 MPG

04/27/2016 Purchased TSX mostly stock with busted diff and tranny, had CAI. 😂😂😂. 225K miles. My 95 Accord with H22 swap was stolen. The thieves eventually got caught about one month later after a police chase. They were riding in the back counties of TN and Kentucky doing home invasions and robberies. The police had trouble catching them in that area and the car being modified. Needless to say the car was trashed when I got it back.. I ended up selling the car for around the price of the motor and tranny (H22). Grabbed this TSX with high mileage for $3900 from a small dealer, it was the only 6-speed manual TSX in the area, I couldn't travel too far looking at cars, needed one local and quick. Took the car straight to the local Acura for a full inspection printout. I then took that 'work / to-do list' inspection printout home and got busy. Step by step, month by month it's coming along. The last mod was the blacked-out front grille and a replacement front lip, an 18-wheeler tire took me out. Full bolt-on mods thus far minus intake manifold, anything else I do to it now will require an ECU upgrade. I've touched every part of the car except for engine internals, that might be next or a swap, not sure.The RSX-S flywheel and Exedy Pro clutch kit increased my acceleration but I think I lost a few top end mph. I don't go around driving at max speed anyways so I'll take the trade-off. I chose the OEM RSX-S fly and not some racing light-fly to keep some of the car's natural inertia, I'm not into having to rev my engine to make gains and lose gas mileage. From 23 to 16lbs. Using other model car OEM parts as an upgrade is kinda cool to me. My order of how I went/go about things once I first got the car: 1.) important maintenance including tune-up 2.) drivetrain  3.) braking 4.) suspension 5.) bolt-ons 6.) ECU 7.) exterior / interior Nothing wrong with eBay'n some parts, just do your research, ask questions too. I joined some forums, paid attention and Google'd. Worked for Honda years ago but I'm no mechanic, more a clever dude with tools. Wanting to get a built K24 (K-Mod for example) and tranny since I like naturally aspirated motors. I'm keeping the car and passing it down to my son (11). I need more money and time. Gonna black out all chrome eventually. FYI - The strut bar I had to mod it some by redoing the plate and moving the holes over a bit. It's the strut bar for an 03-07 Accord. ------------------------------------------------------------------- 11/03/2017 Euro-R Accord CL7 6-speed manual tranny w/ lsd ------------------------------------------------------------------- 06/24/2018 TEIN springs installed ------------------------------------------------------------------- 05/20/2019 OFFICIAL RETIREMENT AS DAILY-DRIVER ------------------------------------------------------------------- 05/22/2019 AVID1 wheels install Depo lights ------------------------------------------------------------------- 06/10/2019 K-Tuned Master/Slave, clutch line kit Exedy Stage-1 Bushings and control arms ------------------------------------------------------------------- 10/04/2019 K20 (RSX-S) crank pulley Continental 4070675 7-rib, 67.5" Multi-V/Serpentine belt ------------------------------------------------------------------- 02/15/2020 Valve cover gasket, VTEC gasket, PCV valve ------------------------------------------------------------------- 04/12/2020 Rear diffuser - abs plastic universal 23x6in ------------------------------------------------------------------- 06/25/2020 ProTuningLab fog lights ------------------------------------------------------------------- 09/26/2020 275000 miles ------------------------------------------------------------------- 07/27/2021 Timing chain set, OEM complete chain, guides. 06 intake cam and RBC 50*VTC gear. 10w-30 Synthetic blend NGK plugs -------------------------------------------------------------------- 08/13/2021 K-Series fuel rail, OEM injectors

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https://youtu.be/fC3srrzcf_U Little Saturday run..

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[]Mal Gallo

Continental 4070675 7-rib, 67.5" Multi-V/Serpentine belt

[]Mal Gallo

90017-PCX-013 Bolt-Washer (16X49) $14.58 1 $14.58
13810-PRC-003 Pulley, Crankshaft $142.20 1 $142.20

[]Mal Gallo

Depo light assemblies heads-n-tails installed, I didn't know I had to drop the back bumper too install the tails. That caught me by surprise.

First drive on the new Exedy Stage 1 clutch kit with K-Tuned Slave, Master Cylinders plus K-Tuned clutch line. Not that bad over the stock clutch, slightly harder to press down on but the grab is insane.

K24A3 in-coming from JDMImports.

Stay tuned. ✌🏿

[]Mal Gallo

This car did 2+ years as my daily driver. Now it's a weekender and switch-car. When I want to drive a manual some. It's now going to be babied even more then put away in the garage or backyard for safe keeping. Might get another TSX and start over to drive it more. LOL

[]Mal Gallo

Springs installed, I do not need the front camber kit with only a 2" drop (Tein springs). I do however need to install the rear camber kit which I'll do probably by next week. Pics to follow shortly after..

[]Tom Armstrong

wow, interesting gearbox story

[]Mal Gallo

IKR... Thanks man, I had the car for almost a year when the diff finally blew. I should've gotten it fixed back when I first got it but I didn't really know how bad it was. I thought my headers were knocking on subframe, not diff exploding.. #DERP. Just ordered an 06 intake cam.. Cheers.

[]Mal Gallo

So here's the update....
Direct swap, no internal transfer needed. Picked up my car after work today.

My speedo is now off by 6mph. Not sure if there is anything I can do about that unless I go FlashPro or swap the 3rd gear back to the OEM that came with the car. I believe the 3rd gear teething is also the signal marker for my cruise control too. I might just keep it like this however. I have GPS / Navi that also has a MPH indicator, so on the highways and such I can go by that. Driving short distances and through town it won't matter.

Driving style has changed. I was babying the car into 2nd gear so I had to shift at lower RPM's accelerating. Going out of 2nd was not an issue. But my diff was falling apart as well. TSX tranny's and 2nd gear + synchros, you know how the story goes.. Now I shift like you're suppose to without and scratching or grinding, can really high RPM's, car doesn't like to accelerate softly anymore, wants to get it. The LSD (limited diff), you can definitely tell both wheels are in play, helps stability and control (steering) of the car. It's got a different feel to it now. It's like OK, I like this.. Can't recommend it enough.

This ended up being an upgrade while I could have just replace the OEM but since something had to be done because my shit blew and I couldn't drive. So I blew my pockets, bit the bullet. Can't sell the car now, I guess she'll end up in my garage for me to play with on weekends next year.

[]Mal Gallo

CL7 Euro R Accord 6-speed manual tranny with helical LSD in-route.

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