262 WHP
300 WLB-FT
Curb Weight
32xx lb
Engine Size
2 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
25 MPG

05/20/2019 My new daily driver. 2008 Audi A3 Sportback S-Line. 2.0T FSI / DSG @ 112K miles. Grabbed this from a local car guy (hobbyist) who bought this for his daughter but she wanted a Jeep. I was told the car was almost flawless but of course it has/had several issues but I got it for cheap. The daughter and boyfriend wanted a Jeep and tried to use this as a SUV. (See below maintenance list). Maintenance parts installed (this came before the upgrades): Front complete DTA cv/axle set. NKG plugs and Denso coils. Mass air-flow sensor. Mahle valve cover gasket. Cam follower. PVC valve (later replace by catch-can). GUNK Engine cleaner.. LOL. Found my vacuum leak (brake-booster) Passenger's inner wheel-liner. Cargo separator. Passenger rear body panel (dent puller) Fun starts: Pioneer AVH-2550NEX AndroidAuto in-dash media 7-Inch AV Receiver and back-up cam. (Previous owner said original unit died and he installed a lesser Alpine unit). Neuspeed 65.10.97 Cold-air intake. 3" Blackhorse downpipe/cat delete Rear muffler delete (replaced by 3" Custom exhaust (Mighty Muffler) - Magnaflow muffler). .75L Anngo catch-can, 3ft size 10AN lines w/ angle fittings De-badging is done, I have black themed emblems but I kind-of like it clean with just front and back black rings. 35% tint. After the intake and then 3" downpipe I should've gotten a tune, if you're reading this please do so here. I'm constantly battling the stock ECU but just found MFAuto is local to me. 😁😎✌🏾 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 10/06/2019 118K update. Daily-driver, 180 miles/week for work, plus whatever else. Not using the black badges kit, just black rings in the front and back. Had to get a new throttle body/intake/charge pipe hose (not sure the name); when installing the throttle-body-spacer, I cut it too short. Now that's fixed and I'm boosting like it should. FYI, I like the slight boost / responsiveness I get from the TB-spacer, you can tell the difference up to almost 3500-3800K rpm range. A smaller catch-can setup is NOT a good idea, thinking a 2oz can and size 6AN lines would work. It's cute but cute won't cut-it. Too much of a back-pressure buildup and caused an oil leak. So I upgraded to a 1L can and size 10AN lines, issues seem resolved. Still no tune yet, running stock ecu's using manual mode mostly when I drive. When I do get a CEL (every 100 miles or so) it's my bank 1 O2 sensor since I'm catless with just spacers and/or my turbo exhaust pressure (I have 3" downpipe) out of specs. No big deal, I know the car is running well. I just TorquePro into the ecu and clear them. Right now I'm not installing my lowering springs, I want to see what stock S-Line height looks like with some 235/40/18's @ 18x8/+42 wheels on. Will post pics hopefully later this upcoming week. Next up if not the tune will be upgrading the rads and fans. I'll keep you updated on any in-coming parts. With the season changing I need to read the manual on working the heat, I know how to A/C and defrost.. 😁😁 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10/10/2019 118K. Motiv Monterey 416C Wheel & Forceum Hexa-R 235/40ZR18 XL Tire set - install. Needed (57.1 to 73.1mm) hubcentic rings. Sitting / fitment is nice and flush on a stock height S-Line. Might only drop the front 1" if I keep it like this. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 05/30/20 126K. Audi update: Oil cooler leak fixed, sealed with new gasket and the oil level sensor fixed with OEM replacement. Oil changed, using T6 Diesel Synthetic 05-40W. Cleaned out oil and prior residue in piping and engine bay. Topped off coolant. Missing a throttle-body spacer bolt.. Damn. 🤦🏿‍♂️ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10/22/20 Audi install: 1.) Mechatronic Unit With Software - KNC trans code / PR-T59 (NEW OEM) 2.) MK5 used tranny w/ 70K miles. Yes the MK5 tranny dropped right into my 8P (BPY) and with the new mech. Swap went so smooth I only need a regular OBD2 scanner for codes, no VCDS needed. Did use VCDS for the mech install... Into this car for too much to sell now, gonna ride till she die and/or give to my daughter in a few years. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 04/07/21 131K - Ordered: 1.) New OEM Complete CYLINDER HEAD (A3 A4 TT GTI JETTA PASSAT EOS 2.0T FSI) Genuine OEM cylinder head assembly; comes complete with cams, valves, lifters, chain, and tensioner. OEM injectors, gasket kits, oil-cooler, hoses. 2.) Evolution Aluminum radiator, fan shroud w/ fans ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 07/27/21 1.) OFF TO THE SHOP 2.) Added Unitronic Stage 1.1 map. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11/08/21 133K. Running on a Stigan Turbocharger 40-80313 S0 Turbocharger I got for cheap. Sending the OEM out for a rebuild/upgrade. No complaints and having a fresh turbo is energizing, sounds amazing. It seems to handle the Stage 1+ tune for now. Minor issues now like a cylinder 3 misfire and MAF sensor error but I'll work those out. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12/03/21 133K. Full-boost, no CEL’s. Resuming daily-driver duties... Where to start: 1.) Fuel injectors. Went back to my original injectors, had them cleaned and flow-tested. Had to wait on a new injector seal kit. Removed the ‘new’ injectors which turned out to be remanufactured. So, I biitched and sent those hoes’ back. * In the meantime, the ‘new’ injectors while in-use dumped so much fuel into the head that I had to clean out the carbon buildup. It was a brand-new head... * Cleaned the spark plugs (new NGK) and the BraveX performance coils work as they should. * Changed the oil again. 2.) Oil catch-can. No more catch-can, went back to the OEM oil separator. I could hear too much air getting sucked into the catch-can. This caused a few misfires even after the new MAF sensor (listed below). With my compression back 190/192/189/191 and a leak-down of >3%, the catch-can was now an interference. 3.) Mass air-flow sensor. I was running an aftermarket ECCP sensor that went out after the Unitronic ECU flash. Now back to an OEM VW/AUDI senor. 4.) Cam sensor. Cam off by like 4 teeth. Back in-action. Next up: brake refresh and DSG tune. Though I do drive in manual-mode most of the time.

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10/22/20 Audi install: 1.) Mechatronic Unit With Software - KNC trans code / PR-T59 (NEW OEM) 2.) M

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2008 A3 S-Line Fitment

Motiv Monterey 416C Wheel & Forceum Hexa-R 235/40ZR18 XL Tire set - install. Needed (57.1 to 73.1mm

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[]Mal Gallo

Added a Magnflow muffler in the back. 3" straight piped is too loud.

[]Mal Gallo

Neuspeed CAI installed in the A3.
Initial test drive did feel more responsive and peppier.
I like it.
I would take more pics but I need to clean the engine first.
Lots of dirt and oil accumulation built up under the engine cover.

[]Mal Gallo

Maintenance, upgrades and mods all at once, sometimes in order of importance, sometimes not. :p

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