Engine Size
1.6 L
Transmission Type

Always loved the idea of driving a classic 80s RWD car with pop-up headlights. After watching a lot of Best Motoring and Initial D, I knew I had to get one. These cars weren't easy to find and even if you found one, it is really a seller's market if the car is in decent shape. This car, however was a diamond in the rough. There are some cool mods already installed like the HKS ITBs (extremely rare) but the aftermarket Haltech ECU and engine harness was in a pizza box. Engine and Ignition parts unbolted. Not to mention the car has not ran in close to a decade. But seeing it was the right body shape with fixable issues, I took a huge gamble hoping I can resurrect her. Now, I don't know anything about being a car mechanic. But with the help of friendly folks from Club4AG and my friends, I worked out the most of the kinks that prevented me from driving the vehicle.  5 months later, t he engine starts and runs. ECU is somewhat tuned enough that I can drive the car around. Updates to come.

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[]Scott Malloy

hey, i just started an 86 owners club and thought you might be interested in joining. wheelwell.com/club/56007ef6fb5755796c6f5277/?location=register&group_id=56007ef6fb5755796c6f5277

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