Started as 77kw XR3i imported from germany in 2011. There was more powerfull version also made. So i bought another Escort XR3i as donor car and start swapping. First of all bigger brakes from more powerfull version. Later engine with gearbox and ecu. Also done some rust preventing jobs. Bigger wheels Aluett 7.5x16 inch with 205/45 tires. Currently as not modified 96kw XR3i but looking forward to do more mods. Latest little crash(not by my fault). Wheels were damged so I bought new ones (Ronal 7x16 cosworth design). Now I am waiting for summer to start working on it.

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homepage tile photo for Where it all started
Where it all started

#oldphoto That suprise when you find old photo of your ride.

[]Robert Sixto

No doubt it brought a smile to your face.

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