260 HP
300 Nm
Curb Weight
1022 Kg
Engine Size
2007 Ccm
92.8 mm
83 mm
Compression Ratio
6 Gear Manual
Gearbox Code
Gear Ratio Code
1. Gear
2. Gear
3. Gear
4. Gear
5. Gear
6. Gear
Final Drive Code
Final Drive Ratio
Differential Type
Peloquin TorSen LSD

Well well, someone is actually interested into this build, must be a petrolhead...haha :P So let's start with this journey... My friend bought this car from some lady and it had faulty CIS injection system. After he fixed it he gave me a ride in it and I fell in love with it. At that time I have owned Mk1 GTi Golf and I was suprised how different is scirocco compared to golf as they are made on the same platform and share assuspension parts. After few months he got tired of the car and offered me to buy it. I have bought it from him for 5500HRK(around700€). I have been having some electrical issues with it and paint was a bit dull so I started working on the car and little by little after full ten(yes TEN) years and few engines this is where I'm at now. Describe the modifications you've made. Where did you start,  what’s the most recent mod and what motivated it? Well mod-list is really extensive so little by little I'll add them to the mod-list on this page. here's the list: Longblock: VW 2.0 L 16v ''ABF'' engine block with JE forged pistons, FCP Engineering H-beam connecting rods, King Racing main and conrod bearings, Fluidampr harmonic balancer, ''KR'' port and polished Cylinder head, Supertech +0.5mm oversize intake valves(black Nitride version), Supertech +0.5mm Oversize Inconel exhaust valves, FCP Engineering uprated valvesprings, ''ABF'' Camshafts Intake and fueling: Custom Turbo intake with Pipercross foam filter, Mishimoto j-line intercooler, Adrenaline Tuning intake manifold VR6 throttle body, 860cc Siemens-deka injectors, 044 bosch inline fuel pump, Walbro 255 in tank fuel pump, Coil on plug Ingition system, NGK BCR8ES Spark plugs Turbo and exhaust: Stainless 4-1 V-band down-mounted turbo manifold with V-band EWG by Vesko Race Var@facebook, Borg Warner EFR 6758 EWG Turbo with 0.85AR V-band turbine housing, Tial MVS-A external wastegate with Screampipe, 3'' pipes and 3'' Dynomax VT muffler (stealth mode)

Transmission: Lightened OEM flywheel, CCC Motorsport clutch disc, Custom uprated Sachs pressure plate(Not Sachs Race Engineering), 02S gearbox with 02A Bellhousing, 02S GXV Gear ratios(Passat 2.0 FSI), 02S GQM Final drive(Golf Mk5 TDI), Peloquin 02J LSD differential, 02S gear selector, Golf Mk7 1.6L TDI cables, Audi TT shift weight, 02J side lever, Driveline and suspension: Front 5x100 hubs conversion(redrilled), Polo 9n3 rear bearings and hubs, Lupo GTi caliper carrier plates, apX coilovers with damping control, Eibach Front anti roll bar, Epytec strut tower bearing/solid caster-camber plates with uniball bearing, Quaife fast steering rack, Reinforced crossmember and front mount support, lower subframe X-type support. Wheels: 16'' Audi A8 Winteraeder redrilled to 5x100 with 195/45R16 Toyo T1R 5.9KG/per Rim :D 16'' ATS DTM 15'' VW Speedline wheels from Mk3 Golf VR6 - winter setup 14'' VW Silverstone aka Teardrops polished by Pere Dalić with 185/60 Toyo R888R Brakes: Front: Wilwood Dynapro 4pot Calipers, Hawk HPS pads(street) EBC Yellow pads(track) 256mm ebc rotors(for 14'' wheels), 280mm Bosch rotors (for 15'' setup) 310mm Ultralite Wilwood discs with custom 7075T651 aluminum hat and caliper adapter(track), Teflon braided brake lines Rear: Brand new Lupo GTi Rear Calipers(34mm piston), 232mm ATE discs, EBC yellowsuff pads, teflon braided brake lines, Engine Managment: VEMS V3.6 ECU with bluetooth for Virtual dash setup From all them modifications I'd say that suspension and brakes made biggest driving advantage on the road and on the track. Also Peloquin differential with faster quaife steering rack(for big muscles) is really nice mod that comes handy for someone like me who loves to carve some corners. Just as every petrolhead I'm in love with this car and I try to drive it as much as possible, also keeping in mind that I need to stay as much as legal to average police eye :D all this made me to build my car to this specific part list.. In the near future we are going to loose some weight that we could be more competitive on the track and 1/4 mile and half mile pulls. with ATS DTM rims and 10L of fuel we weighted 1022kg's without the driver, The biggest challenge of this build is when driving on the street trying to look as much sleeper as we can.

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