2.5 L
6 MT
24 MPG

At first I wanted an older Forester, anytime before 2008. Then I decided I wanted to get a brand new car [my first "big boy" purchase]. I was torn between an XT with no manual or a 2.5 with manual. Keep in mind, my previous car was a '98 Civic, manual. I decided on the 2.5 manual in hopes to maybe put a turbo in the future [just to say I have a turbo'd Subaru]. I wasn't in it for power, purely building it for fun and to get me home after a camping trip with an occasional offroad detour. This is how she sits as of right now. I'm on and off with the car because of the usual car issues (leaking oil, failed starter, failed MC, etc.) Usual Subaru things, I suppose. At the end of the day, I still love it because it gets me from A to B with some entertainment in between. Future plans: > OEM spoiler, that I would have to wrap/paint and drill holes to fit. > Re-paint in the far future (scratches from tree branches and stuff, but I still go {I know,smh}) > Someone make a cheaper UEL header. Who wouldn't want that rumble?! > Store extra wheel for emergency. Either on the roof or replace the donut in the wheel well and modify the trunk floor.

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