285 HP
260 LB-FT
Engine Size
3.6 L
Transmission Type
5 Spd Auto

Picked up the Jeep Dec 30, 2014 after having ordered it about 1.5 months prior. I knew I wanted to get the Hard Rock Version of the Rubicon as it comes with a lot of options that I was going to purchase for the Jeep anyway (Steel bumpers front and rear, rock rails, etc) But what I like most about the "stock" hard rock is the power dome hood. It REALLY pops with this color (Hydro Blue) and feel it adds a lot to the car.  Thanks for checking out my Jeep, please see my parts list below.

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[]Andrew Johnson

Yeah, let's see 'em!

[]Annie Laughlin

Ha, we need more muddy shots in here! Also, I would love to feature your ride on our homepage! Would you mind filling out a short About description to the left about this beauty? And maybe add any parts you think worthwhile? Lemme know! You can email me at annie@wheelwell.com directly, too. Again, awesome Jeep!

[]Mark Andersen

lol, thanks! Only way to do it!

[]Annie Laughlin

Gorgeous Wrangler! (Even better muddy!)

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