540 HP
410 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3160 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.4 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
18 MPG

Started out not knowing what to do to my car, discovered boost, then fell in love with my car. After exploring the new found power, I decided to turn my car into a sleeper build -- hybrid looking lights, and a hybrid emblem. (Technically not lying since I use part 91 octane, part E85)

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All for lower IATs

Finally swapped out my sedan bumper for a coupe bumper, all I'm missing is a grille mesh but I meas

[]Louis Tan

Hi bro, do u do anymod on ur head??

[]Mark Chang

Bone stock up until last week when I installed my dual valve springs

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[]Rben Ibrra

How much did all cost?

[]Dominick Rice

I recently saw a video from smoking tire and I noticed you had switch that engages in high or low boosting settings. How do you do it? Sweet ride by the way love it

[]Mark Chang

My boost controller has a switch logic feature built in. It allows me to wire an external switch to switch between the 2 settings. The Turbosmart E boost street 40 is what I'm running

[]Dominick Rice

Wow that is interesting It's probably better than just a fixed tune. Safe tune for around town and high boost for when you want to dog it out haha.

[]Dawson Johannes

Damn. Damn.

[]Lovens Presume

So much respect ! Saw on One Take

[]Tabitha Blagdon


[]Ben Moore

Bad ass build brother!

[]Dwight Callaway

I wouldn't even be disappointed to get chopped by this sleeper. Awesome build!!!

[]Mark Chang


[]Gregory Garoppolo

Nice write-up! And I like your choice in color!

I don't know much about the 9th generation civics. Did your car come with an LSD? I would imagine it must have, otherwise the torque steer must be crazy and it must like to break one front tire loose when you're on the gas through corners. Or maybe Honda has some other trick that prevents that? They're a clever bunch over there.

[]Mark Chang

Thanks, I'm a fan of the color myself too! Yes you are correct, it comes with a helical LSD, and I feel almost no torque steer when driving even at this power level. Extremely controllable and I can easily maintain control with one hand even on lower gears.

I actually have an aftermatket traction control system by Hondata, and it's able to sense when i'm turning by calculating the difference in left/right tire speeds, so it'll know just how much power to cut for my tires to maintain full traction. And it does the job so fast and well, you can't even tell it's there!

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