420 HP
325 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2766 LB
Front Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.0 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
24 MPG

Car was bought new in 2002 July of 2002 from Mission Viejo Acura. Over the first 100k mi the car stayed primarily stock except for bolt ons like cold air intake, race headers, exhaust and K-Pro Tune. Around 125k mi I installed an HKS turbo kit which was good for about 280hp/200tq. It wasn't until about 155k mi when the car was totally transformed into a track focused street car. The engine was rebuilt for boost reliability and the head stayed stock except for valvetrain components. An LSD was installed as well as a slightly bigger turbo. Tien flex coilovers with EDFC installed. Unfortunately the mechanic took almost 2 years to complete the project. Received the car back in early 2011. Car made about 390hp/300tq on91. Over the course of the next couple of years little changes were made to the car. Early 2014 at about 175k I started to have transmission problems which is expected for a car this old. This is when all the bad luck with installers/mechanics began. Originally I brought the car to have the clutch changed out and when I receive the car back, my 2nd gear is totally gone. So I had to bring the car to another mechanic who supposedly knew how to work on the K-Series transmission. This guy ended up taking a year and a half to finally fix and get the car running. Upon arrival, he was still fixing the car. The car ended up having transmission noises, brokenTPS sensor, as well as nocking from the exhaust onto sway bars from that were not there initially when I dropped off my car 18 months prior. So I had to go to an exhaust shop to fix the exhaust problem and wait another 4 months until this guy is avail again to fix my car. Takes him another 4 months to fix the car in which all bearings were changes except for a few because the new parts were "bad". So instead of calling me to order new parts, he puts the transmission together and asks me to pic it up. I drive the car and there are still problems with the transmission. He says he needs to take it apart and send it to synchrotech. I said screw this guy so I take it to the shop who did my engine build. Dropped of the car January this year and the car is still in the shop for the tranny repair and minor fuel issues. Should get the car back by next month, says the mechanic who said it would be finished march of this year.

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[]Dallas Smith

Are both front n back the same size tires/rims

[]Brandon Marquis

You've got some really good parts here. I should know I have some of them too! You have a LSD too, but does it help when you're running +300 lbs TQ to the front wheels?

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