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From Colorado, friendly to all types of cars. Only drives manual. Next car will be an E36.

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Are all new Toyotas boring?

Today, I drove my friend's brand new Corolla iM aka the US hatch with an old Corolla engine and a s

[]Jordan Shuster

Toyoda himself is a car-nut at heart. Toyota has always been a "safe, reliable" brand. They're slowly making changes to appeal to a more enthusiast-oriented market, while still cushioning their redesigns and new models with sales from the yet-unchanged RAV4. I think Toyotas have a ton of potential. I can't wait to get my hands on a manual CHB. I hope we get them in soon.

[]Kit Lau

You tell em girl!

[]Jordan Shuster

Haha maybe I’ve just worked here too long 😝 but I’m really fond of Toyota’s now

[]Andrew Taylor

The only thing I own that isn't a Toyota is the rx7. Three guessing which one isn't drivable