~380 HP
~400 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3,122 lb LB
Engine Size
347 L
Transmission Type
C4 Auto with Gearvendors OD

I'm am by the best estimates the fourth owner of this car. I bought it from my Grandmother in the mid-90's who had driven it as a daily driver for a big part of the 80s. The car was built in the now demolished Metuchen/Edision Ford plant in New Jersey and was sold in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. I have no idea who the first owner was but at some point the fenders, quarter panel's and doors were replaced prior to it coming into my family's possession. The frame is straight and there is no rust to speak of who knows. My grandfather loved buying cars that had been rebuilt and that looks to be the case here. Anyway it was my first car and it was probably a little much for a teenager to get. By the early 2000s the motor was shot and the door had a huge dent in it. Along with that the original interior was more than showing it's age. So she was parked for most of the 2000's. When my wife took a new job we moved out to the burbs and the car was pulled out of the garage to be resurrected late 2010. This process took 3 years by the shop and was fraught with various issues. As it wasn't a frame off restoration a lot was left on the table. Also the original plan was just to get it up and running and backish to original shape. What ended up happening was many changes of directions that prolonged the work and increased the costs. -My advice here is to come up with a plan and be solid with it prior to starting a project. In 2015 with new paint, new interior, a new Ford Performance Engine, and over hauled transmission, updated brakes, and a lot of original systems left un-touched I attempted the Hot Rod Power tour with a friend. Unfortunately the crate motor didn't make the trip and a wrist pin gave out with less than 3500 mile on the new setup. Ford Performance warrantied the motor and with a few extra dollars out of my pocket it was upgraded from a 306 to a 347 Stroker. The rest of the drive line (addition of overdrive, updated gearing with limited slip, custom torque converter, and performance rebuild of the tranny) was updated bit by bit over the next couple of years and this year the front suspension was updated and the power steering modernized. Looking at the Power Tour route for 2019 I'll probably skip, but who knows maybe it will come west toward Minnesota again in 2020 then I might attempt again. The thing left on the car is to clean up a few loose ends, possibly to a serpentine conversion, and put the A/C back in. But she is a blast to drive. Still feels mostly old school but a heck of a lot safer, faster, and better at handling than stock.

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Very suitable restoration piece here.

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