160 HP
141 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2721 LB
Front Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.0 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
26 MPG
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        I got this car this last December, after my 2000 integra was totalled. An elderly women ran a red and I ended up T boning her.  It was then a long two weeks for me to find a replacement that I would  enjoy and have fun modding.   So I found this 2004 rsx for 4500.  It was priced a little hi but it was clean and only had 170000 on it and only women driven.  I have had this for 5 months now and can't wait to start my mods.   I'm aiming for around 275-300 HP. My plan is to have a well balanced canyon  cruiser, and for the windy roads I have here.   So let's begin : )

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        []Brandon M.

        Very clean! - nice color ;-) Good luck on your modding adventure.

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