Got this car in December 2016 for $100 with 175,000 miles and a blown head gasket. I towed it home with a m8 of mine, and he and I did the head gasket in my grandma's garage in a month or so, and now I daily drive the car. The car has 179,900 miles on it as of October 30th, 2017. Jan. 2018 Update: The car now has a larger t3/t4 turbo, 395cc injectors, Type RS bov (recirculating), and many other supporting mods. *Not sure why it says under specs that the engine makes 315hp and has a 3L engine and such, I can't figure out how to change it. the car has the original B230FT with a new top end. Not sure what the power figures are, but hoping to be right around 230WHP once everything is dialed in, so I don't plan on turning the boost up too high, since it is my daily driver, and it has the less desirable 9mm connecting rods vs the later 13mm rods.

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