500 HP
450 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3100 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
3.0 L
Transmission Type
Top Speed
190 MPH
Standing Quarter Mile
11.7 Seconds
Zero to Sixty
4 Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
15/30 MPG

*The Corvette Was Sold as of 1/1/17* This is my 1998 Corvette. I got it new in 1998, and to date, has only 30,xxx miles on it. It has never been a daily driver and gets exercise about twice a month in the canyons and on occasional road trips to Vegas, Big Sur, or Pebble Beach. It's magnificently balanced, with just the right amount of power, brake, and suspension to keep up with my driving and give the old girl the feeling, speed, and sound of a much more modern car.

Discuss this build

[]Leo elleongs

Hello Matt, once I have this car done. Which I hope to have it done by this time next year July 2018 I will pretty happy to have you drive it. Its a 1998 Lexus GS300 Time Attack Car. I have lots of research done to how I want to complete this car. wheelwell.com/mauricio-reece

[]Alvaro Villa

Matt, did the ride quality suffer on your Vette when you went to the bigger wheels? I know it was a canyon car mainly but I sometimes use mine for cruising and wanted to weigh the pros and cons. The wheels look great on it.

[]Blaze Carr

I love the build on your vette you did. Beautiful car. So glad you kept it N/A. Perfect balance like you said.

[]Brandon Case

Any additional plans for Corvette Matt?

[]Ecuador Garcia

It's curious, I always thought for some reason that your Corvette was Yellow =S

[]Eric Simmons

Hey Matt you should take her out to skyline and highway 9 one day I'll even go with you!

[]Pat Rudzinski

Matt, I purchased the Depo headlights like yours once I seen them on you car. I said "SWEET" looking. Depo doesn't really give good directions so I have two things happening. 1 is light flutter? Do you have any and if so how to correct it. 2 I'm affraid to adjust my lights as the community out there said they can break easily. and I can't get them low enough. Did you run into this? Any help would be great.

[]Sammy Alansari

I love your C5 Matt! I've loved the C5 Corvette for a long time now, always appreciated them, I've tried to buy this car twice now, but I feel like i should wait for the C6 to go down in value a little more, as its a much better car.

[]Randy Watson

Adding a DIN isn't so bad...;) You will need to find a source for ACC power and (re)move the stock rear head unit support to clear the new one. Most people tap into the brown ignition wire for ACC.

[]Rexford Bath

Nice vette Matt. Keep up the good work on those One Takes & Smoking Tire. I've enjoyed watching those shows.

[]Robert Mumford

Love the new wheels! Id love to have HRE's on my GTO.

[]Michael Lingard

Matt are the c5 zo6 worth the collectibility and or performance of a non z06 c5?

[]Tony Vo

Not a fan of Vettes but yours is one of the best I've ever seen! Looks like a ton o' fun to drive!

[]Vlad Martsinkovskyi

One of the cleanest C5s. I can't believe how little miles you put on it

[]Tony Allen

Those HREs look sweet!

[]nm rr

Drive my car! :D

[]Bo Jung

Thanks for friending me, Matt! I'm a fan, love your C5

[]Marcus Vandenberg

I heard the Aston is off in the UK getting a manual tranny conversion. So i don't think he's selling lol

[]Jason Nay

Matt, sell that Aston son. You never talk about it so get rid of the dam thing. Use the money and hop up that Stang...or pro-tour the Honda.

[]Myles Hejmanowski

Love your 'Vette, Matt!

[]Jesse Sammons

@Jason I agree. BEAUTIFUL Aston but I never hear about it or see it! I guess that's what he would use for picking up girls but he already got one...Do you drive it very much Matt?

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