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MATT FARAH'S1988 Ford MustangLX

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1988 Ford Mustang




Horsepower385 HP
Torque350 LB-FT
Curb Weight2900 LB
Engine Size5.0 L
Transmission Type5MT
Top Speed140 MPH
Zero to Sixty4.5 Seconds

Matt Farah's 1988 Ford Mustang LX
The Story

This Mustang LX is a rare SSP model originally sold to the California Highway Patrol as an unmarked pursuit vehicle.The SSP model is a favorite of enthusiasts because it is the lightest V8-powered Mustang ever built, at just under 3,000 lbs. There are no power windows, door locks, no sunroof or fog light, and no air conditioning. The engine is a Ford Racing 302/GT40R Crate Motor with aluminum heads, which had less than 500 miles on it at the time I bought the car. The transmission is a T5. The car is being built into a street/track toy with emphasis on handling by the kind people at Maximum Motorsports of San Luis Obispo, CA. The car features a fully independent rear suspension from a 2004 Mustang Cobra modified with a new differential and bushings, front K-member suspension from Maximum's American Iron race car, 13" Cobra Brakes, 295/35ZR18 tires on HRE wheels at all 4 corners, flared fenders, and an interior by BBI Motorsport. Full build sheet to come.

Here's video of me testing the new suspension on 9/23/15

Comments (32)

[]Rene Hourian 1 point

Please, never sell this, it will break my heart if you ever sold it.

[]Bill Diaz 1 point

Looking good Matt and sounds awesome! Great to see it all coming together!

[]Seth Sherman 1 point

Best looking notch back ive seen, the stance, wheels and flares are fantasmic

[]Amado Chalhoub 2 points

Looks good bro, glad to hear you're making progress!

[]Carlos Pavon 1 point

The SSP one of my favorites and very hard to find. It reminds me of my 1992 gt which had the full MM suspension. ..

[]Columbo Saiya 1 point

Have to say, this build is what inspired me to add a fox to build in my collection, and I couldn't be happier so far! Thanks for sharing! Keep up the awesome work!

[]WarAngel Bush 2 points

I love the stang Matt. I might just have to use your parts list to help with my 87 build. Lol

[]Tim Hughes 1 point

Job well done. I have always loved the notches. Can't wait to see the vid. Congrats!

[]Mike Talamantes 1 point

Those wheels are perfect for the fox! Looks great since the last video i saw.

[]Brian Pokropski 1 point

Can't wait to hear your feedback on the Maximum Motorsport suspension. I had their torque arm/panhard bar setup on my old 2001 gt along with spherical bearing rear control arms... amazing how it transformed the car's handling! Looking forward to more videos on your notch back!

[]Nathan Gregoire 1 point

Really nice build Matt. 295s!!!

[]Dave Roberts 1 point


[]Matt Quinn 3 points

That is robust. And burly. Nutsackular.

[]Nick Culver 1 point


[]Matt Huffman 1 point

Dog you don't know how long I've been waiting to see this car finally built.. Hurry up! Haha I got a 93 gt 5.0 and love the foxes yours is the cream of the crop though Matt! Retired highway patrol light as hell

[]Michael B. Gonzales 1 point


[]Will Cavalieri 1 point

I cant wait to see this bad ass on the strrets

[]Michel Darnell 2 points

I hope yours is getting close i want to see it. I started mine about the same time and i painted it yesterday

[]Kevin Wilkins 2 points

Can't wait until it's finished, looks great. And it also was my high school dream car.

[]Mike Schell 1 point

Really looking forward to seeing this completed -- Looking good so far!

[]Blackfuriesfan Hawthorne 1 point

Loving this car! Can't wait to see her on the street :D

[]Doug Hanson 1 point

Like what you have planned for this, great job look forward to future features

[]Daniel Gonzales 1 point

Ready to hear and see this pony! I follow on IG FB and youtube

[]Stephen Schmitt 1 point

Almost bought another Fox Mustang when I saw the first video on this project.

[]Jason Dorris 1 point

I can hardly wait to see this thing carving up the canyon roads! HNNG, etc...

[]David Cole 2 points

Gonna be so much fun when it's done. I can't wait to see some videos of this beast!

[]Martin Hogan 1 point

Looking forward to it's completion! Following on TST!

[]Logan Lake 2 points

Love this ride. Thanks for sending me here via The Smoking Tire, this is a great site I had never heard of :).

[]Nate Miller 1 point

cant wait to see this shit rippin up the canyons...

[]Nathan Klein 1 point

Love the stang. This would be a really fun car to have. Enjoy it Matt.

[]Daniel Iamundo 1 point

My favorite car out of all of them, you don't know how good they are till you drive one, just got mine this summer and in time I wanna do something like you are doing to yours. And love the show you are one of my favourite because you aren't boring to watch like some people, thanks for the smoking tire