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homepage tile photo for When you've been too lazy to fix the small things

[]Wilson Oberholzer

Happens a lot of the time to me. I can't work on my cars at home (renting and landlord doesn't allow it) so I have to drive 20 minutes just to get to where my car is to do anything to it. Then it's a game of "what time of day is it?" and "how's the weather?" because I don't have a garage. You'll get it done, just gotta keep at it.

[]Gregory Garoppolo

I had to get a white board to write down these little things on in order to keep track of them. Now I need a second whiteboard to remind me to write on the first whiteboard so that I can keep track of the things that I am supposed to be doing. Also, buying a second project car usually helps, that way you can always blame your lack of progress on one vehicle on the other vehicle.

[]Robert Sixto

Happens to the best of us, just gotta find a little motivation. I got out and drove to Cars and Coffee, saw some cool stuff and found myself in the garage taking care of a few tiny jobs.