Not my first Subaru, previously owned an 1999 Impreza Type L sedan (EJ22) N/A, great first car! A significant aspect of my life changed one surprisingly snowy April morning. Upon arriving at community school, I was greeted by the shear consequence of taking my winter wheels off too early which provided me with zero traction due to worn all-season tires, causing me to strike a pole. The damage to my old subie was significant to me at the time, and I felt most insurance reps would consider it "totaled" anyway. All parts did their job; my control arms took the brunt of the impact and curled inward (as designed to). My front engine "subframe" so call it, even got a little tweaked from the impact. Having only lightly modified the car after two or so years of owning it, I decided to stick by it, and attempt the repairs. With my dad as a mechanical guide, I was able to piece my car back together in decent time and have it back on the road. The task seemed daunting as all hell at first, but it was mostly suspension components that needed replacement, and sure, the car wasn't A1 perfect afterwards, but it drove. That "project" helped me shed some light on my course in life, I liked mechanical components, I liked automotive. To this day I remember each step, and it helps keep my perseverance towards my current education goal of studying mechanical engineering. One quiet January day I was driving back from some destination when I noticed this shiny-blue car with a for sale sign on it. After realizing it was a WRX, which at the that time, had been #1 on my craigslist search history. I loved my Subaru at the time, but the airbag light was never addressed, and a valid inspection sticker was on the forefront. Instinctively, I pulled into this lot in which I met the owner of the car. Thankfully, this owner, an older gentleman, was also a MECHANIC, even had his own shop! We went for a brief test drive, the car was phenomenal, he intentionally did a few aggressive pulls before approaching the highway. Afterwards, I asked if he would lift the vehicle so I could look at the undercarriage or for any leaks. My first Subaru leaked plenty of oil, my exhaust pipes were never the same, and probably just a bad rear main seal was all the problem was. The underbelly was clean, I did notice a busted front CV axle, which the owner was aware of, we agreed if he fixed the existing problems, the sale was a done deal. I tried to ask all the questions; timing belt service, oil/head gasket issues, oil mixing with coolant? He seemed to appreciate the car, claiming to have resealed/replaced the oil pan, put a new steering knuckle, and some cheap ass Raceland....Coilovers...not sure if considered Coilovers lol? But yes, in short time the car became mine and being mid January it was a winter delight! I made sure to swap my current winter sneakers off my impreza type L, which was parked.

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