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Added C6 Z06 Brakes / Rotors and Calipers

I added a set of Z06 brakes to my base model 2009 C6 Corvette (previously had stock Z51 brakes ).

[]Andrew Johnson

Nice. They look great. Where did you get the calipers and how much where they?

[]Matthew Decker

Andrew, thank you for the compliment, no unfortunately I did not get them from Wheelwell. I purchased them from a good friend who picked up another Vette for parts. They were in pretty bad shape when I got them but they are in excellent shape now.
To top it off I added the stainless steel braided lines (which I also had on the Stock Z51 brakes )

[]Andrew Johnson

I wondered if they were take-offs from another car, that's the way to do it! I've been in need of a brake upgrade for a long time and just haven't decided which route to go.

[]Matthew Decker

It's tough to decide, when I had my '98 I went with C6 Z51 brakes, brackets, rotors,and calipers. That was a nice upgrade.
That's what I took off my 2009 which came stock on it. (I also had caliper covers over the Z51 calipers that you can see in some of my earlier pictures)
I will eventually sell that whole setup including the stainless steel braided brake lines ( which are attached ) and the caliper covers, if the buyer does not want the covers I'll probably drop the price a bit and see the covers separately.

homepage tile photo for C6 Corvette Cray Spider Wheels Matte Black 19x10.5 and 18x9
C6 Corvette Cray Spider Wheels Matte Black 19x10.5 and 18x9

2009 C6 Corvette, GM Cyber Gray Metallic paint. I picked up a set of Cray Spider Wheels in Matte Bl