146 hp
168 ft. lbs.
5 Speed AX5
Transfer CAse
NP231 4x4
Axle Gears
4.10 OEM Set
Dayna 35
Tires - Firestone
Destination A/T 31x10.50R15

I got this Jeep from my Dad when i graduated high school, because a drunk driver nailed my first car head on and totaled it (See before and after in the photos - 92 Nissan Stanza pictures.) My sister was the driver with her 2 friends in the car, one will never walk the same again and had to have 3 surgeries to save her leg just to walk with a cane forever. So my Dad felt bad and replaced my car with the Jeep since i was going to school at Wyotech in Laramie Wy. He said i would need the 4x4 for the snow there, and he was right. My sister did get the yellow car in the photo with the money awarded to her from the courts from that same accident that severely injured her friend. The boy in the back seat was told by the insurance company had they not been in such a hurry to get home for his curfew they would have missed the drunk driver who caused the loss. Because he felt that he was the one at fault for the accident and the injury that maimed his girlfriend, he committed suicide 2 years later. That being said, from the tragedy that lead me to this Jeep, I have vowed to give it a good life and keep it since my first car was taken from me. That and my dad hasn't and probably won't sign it over to me for ownership until i inherit it. It's been 12 years of "ownership" and i still don't actually own it. Haha. But a nice little comment here, my sister and her friend still say to this day, their first reaction from the accident wasn't about concern of what happened to her friends leg, but their first thought was "Oh sh!t Matthew's gonna kill us!" All because they knew how much i loved my POS first car. The Jeep currently is in pieces due to more tragedy that follows... I let my mother borrow it briefly for a day, i told her to stop and top off the pinhole leak in the radiator when she got to her destination to be safe. Well she didn't, on the way back it overheated and i got the call saying it won't run anymore. (I had a milkshake in the oil pan) She cracked my block by overheating it. I replaced the engine at a shop because i needed it back quick, mom and dad didn't help for that either. The shop who did it screwed me and said "it ran a little hot on break in, but it should be fine." I said to put that in writing that you're honoring that still, which he did. Then at 20,000 miles on the dot of this new engine, it blows compression in the middle 2 cylinders. I bring it back, and they take a month to replace it under warranty, allegedly he broke the engine in on synthetic oil and i didn't think much of it at the time (not good to do that), and life is good for a short stint. 10,000 miles on the dot on this alleged new engine, and it rattles and misfires and backfires and will surge the RPM's and cut off and die, and is low on compression... I bring it back to warranty it out, and he says no warranty on this one, and wants me to pay for it again... So here we are as i take it apart and find bearing play, broken spring retainers in the oil pan, and a cracked vibration dampener packed with silicone, and broken guides to the timing chain. I got played. Now after all this time, im doing it right and building it slowly but surely. I'm going to stroke the motor for sure, and maybe do a HD head swap and even try a turbo too. Not entirely sure, but im suffering through it just like every other jeep owner. As the saying goes, "Just Empty Every Pocket."

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