252 HP
270 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3,223 LB
Front Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2 L
Transmission Type
Standing Quarter Mile
14.9 Seconds
Zero to Sixty
6.3 Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
22/30 MPG

I told myself that when the new Focus ST came over to the US I would have to give it a try because of how impressed I was with the older Focus STs in Europe. In November 2012 I test drove one and felt that it would be a really nice Daily Driver, then proceeded to forget about it for tow and a half years because I couldn't afford a new car at the time. Fast forward to 2015 I had sold my beloved Protege MP3 a year prior, played with a 89 RX7 and had a Mazda 6 as a DD. I was looking for a more fun DD and wanted to get away from having two cars because of my living situation, so I started looking at my options for both cars in one. I really loved the idea of getting a Subaru BRZ but it just wasn't practical enough for what I needed a car for at the time so next up was the Focus ST and the GTI. After a month or so of research I headed off to the dealers for some test drives... After testing an ST I talked with the salesman and it happened that they found my exact set of options sitting on a lot in Chicago, well I never made it to the Volkswagen dealership. I picked up my new toy on Valentines Day 2015! 2015 Boomba Shift Knob because the stock one is horrid Carbotech Brake Pads - for track Mountune Intercooler to help fight heat soak on track - Dealer installed for warranty MBRP Exhaust - because stock was too quiet (I ended up redlining too many time at Gingerman during #GridLife was my main excuse) Pilot Super Sports because I killed the stock F1s in 5k or so. 2016 Swaybars Oil Cooler - homebrew setup Radiator

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[]Tom Armstrong

look at that wheel lift wow

[]Jessica Pomerleau

Love me a focus st 😍😍 especially the yellow models 💛

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