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In a flash I fell in love with Mustang. It was the year 2000. It was a red Cobra. It was striking and had an incurable bite. The owner was wild and led me on thrills throughout my life that nearly killed me. The man left dark scars, the car left a dream. I am an admirer of the 1994-2004 body. The first car I purchased on my own, on the street, was the blue 1997 Mustang pictured. I sunk my hands into that car, felt its guts, and loved it. Loved it. I would take it to the AFB and work on it with the dutiful men. When I wasn’t allowed to work on it at the base auto shop anymore, I didn’t feel safe anywhere. I sold it. I am devastated and now I am stuck in a lease on a new car. Everything is wrong. I am in a tragic saga! A nightmare! I need to be driving any 1994-2004 Mustang; not a lease! Preferably a Cobra. I am a fan of the military colors like red, white, blue or camo green- An All American Horse. Hopefully this site will connect me. I joined in search for my REM!

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