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Hawk HPS/Brembo Rotors Idk Performance brakes in the front only






I was too cheap to buy the brakes for all 4 wheels so since the fronts do like 70% of the braking, I just bought for the front and kept the back ones stock. I didn't even do the bedding in procedure and after I'd driven a while on them, they feel slightly better than stock. For anyone else that's buying these that actually has a proper car and not a hoopty, I'd say that this combo (Brembo rotors with Hawk pads) would probably be a decent amount better than stock. Keep in mind that mine are at least a bit better than stock if not a lot, and I have completely oem back brakes, I didn't bed these in, and my brake fluid is literally black and I'm too lazy to change it. So if those things wouldn't have been a factor then these brakes would be mint. And they still are for me, so for you reading this, they would most likely be a big improvement over stock because stock ones suck (especially for the V6, which are known to have crappy brakes for some reason).





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