190 HP
250 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3610 LB
Four Wheel Drive
Engine Size
4.3 L
Transmission Type
Top Speed
100 MPH
MPG (City/Highway)
17 MPG
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        My brother was moving and in his need to get rid of the truck I offered him $500 and took it off his hands. I had to drive from VT to ME to MA that weekend to get it home. It had crappy parts from china all over it and was covered in rust. i was in the middle of nowhere on a dirt road with one street light when the U-JOINT shattered and but the drive shaft threw the gas tank. it took 3 hours to get a tow truck at midnight on a Sunday. and still had to drive an hour and half to Maine. I decided to repair everything I could with well made american parts. I replaced the rusted out rockers and cab corners and replaced the bed. I then Plasti dipped the whole truck with Flex blue. Stripped the interior and cleaned the floor and fixed the holes and reassembled everything. I am hoping to replace the crappy bench seat with a nice set of buckets in the future. now use as a daily.

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