360 HP
390 LB-FT
all wheel drive
Engine Size
5.7 L
Transmission Type
Zero to Sixty
Not available Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
Not available MPG
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        This is our second Durango. Our first was a 2011 with the 295 hp V6 and 5 speed tranny. It was great to drive...but eventually we decided to swap out for the R/T. My wife is actually the one that wanted the Hemi. (I already drive a Chrysler 300C with a Hemi.) 2016 was the first year that the "Sport" button was available...and I have to tell you that I thought the Sport button would be more "Gimmicky"...but it's the real deal! Sooooo much more fun to drive in Sport mode! And the exhaust sounds amazing! Also, the 8 speed transmission is fantastic! My wife loves the power, but also loves the red leather interior. This is her car...but sometimes I wish it was mine. In the background is our 2011 Crew being traded in for the 2016 R/T:

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        homepage tile photo for DIY OEM Tow Hitch install
        DIY OEM Tow Hitch install

        Our R/T didn't come with the factory tow hitch, so I decided to install it myself. After doing a bu

        []Michael Coles

        UPDATE: Our local dealer (Doug Smith Dodge) in American Fork Utah, activated our wiring harness for $50. We towed our 26 foot travel trailer with it and it did great! Just be sure to tow loads that large (anything over 2000 lbs, technically) with a load leveling hitch. We use Equalizer, which is both a load leveling and anti-sway hitch.

        []Wilson Oberholzer

        That's really interesting that the R/T is completely ready for the hitch but just doesn't have it installed yet. Nice writeup, though. It's nice to see mods that aren't the typical power boosters or suspension tweaks.

        []Michael Coles

        Thanks Wilson. If you're willing to get you hands a little dirty, it appears that you can save yourself about $1000 when buying an RT. Just don't opt for the "tow package" and install the OEM hitch later. Another thing I need to add to the article is that once you have installed everything, you have to go back to the dealer to have them "activate" the harness. Basically it's an update to tell the vehicle to turn on the wiring harness and electronic sway control, etc. Cost seems to range between $60-$120.

        []Skylar Siegel

        Great write up man!

        []Michael Coles

        Thanks Skylar!

        []Andrew Johnson

        Awesome detailed instructions!

        []Michael Coles

        Thanks Andrew. Hope it's helpful!

        []Kit Lau

        I always wanted to install a hitch - this is very helpful!

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        []Andrew Johnson

        I really like the way the new generation looks. The red leather interior is nice too!

        []Michael Coles

        I agree. My wife loved it too...so it's a win-win. Family hauler that HAULS! ;)

        []Andrew Johnson

        No doubt! Now that the Xterra has been discontinued I'm going to have have to find another daily SUV when it's time...I'm wondering if the Durango should be on the list and how that stacks up against the 4Runner.

        []Michael Coles

        2 very different rides. The Durango doesn't have the ground clearance that the 4Runner has...but the 4Runner doesn't have any where near the power or fun factor of the Durango RT. So depending on how you intend to use it...

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