232 HP
246 LB-FT
Engine Size
3 L
Transmission Type
5 Speed

I bought this car July 21, 2016  from a drifter up in Yakima, Washington for $2,500. It's had 11 owners and had a blown automatic transmission and original paint, that's why it was so cheap. It's a factory turbo targa car, exactly what I've wanted for the past 6 years. It's completely stock apart from it's American Racing wheels. So far I've torn apart the rear trim, hatch, wing, and tail light areas, cleaning and fixing things as I go. I dremeled out the rivets holding the rear tail lights together and baked the lights one at a time at a balmy 300 degrees for 8 minutes in the oven to soften the sealant holding them together. Then I took them apart, cleaned them (they had crap inside them, this is why I took them apart), and put it all back together with new sealant. I've sanded down and painted 3 spots of surface rust so far that were behind the tail lights, a few more spots on the exterior to go. I've cleaned the whole car exterior and interior, finding some interesting things along the way, such as mouse turds in the spark plug gallery and underneath the rear seats and a solitary long blonde hair in the spare tire area. It's got a 5 speed manual now and is serving me well as a daily driver and it's soon to be drifted frequently!

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homepage tile photo for New Wheels!
New Wheels!

I got some XXR 527's to replace the gross AR's that were on it.

[]Ernie Szots

Nice! 👌

homepage tile photo for Crankshaft Timing Gear
Crankshaft Timing Gear

My crankshaft timing gear split apart, I thought I roasted my bearings, so scary.

homepage tile photo for Front Brake Job
Front Brake Job

My front brakes got to metal on metal, so I put on Stoptech Powerslot rotors and EBC yellowstuff pa

homepage tile photo for Twinning!

Here are some pictures I took with other car friends cars.

homepage tile photo for Midnight Drags
Midnight Drags

Went to my first dragstrip event, the Midnight Drags at Firebird Raceway! I had to put in a battery

homepage tile photo for Powder Coated Valve Covers
Powder Coated Valve Covers

My valve cover seals and center cover gasket gave out at the same time, letting oil into my spark p

homepage tile photo for Slice Photos
Slice Photos

Took some photos the day I got the Supra 5-speed swapped! With friends E46 330ci and Volvo V50 T5

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