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Michael Daniels153 days ago

Added a new one to the garage recently. C5 RS6 Overlook the dirt, this time of year plus gravel driveway dont lend to a clean cars.

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Michael Daniels465 days ago

New here but not to working on cars and trucks. Been at it since I was young. Now my son is helping me. My oldest is 5 and is helping with the engine swap in my 62 C10. Pulling the old and tired 250 and dropping in a 350 pulled from a cabin cruiser. Not gonna be fancy just a standard swap. Truck is a daily driver and is used mostly as a shop truck.


[]Robert Sixto

Ha, I love it, he is really in there!

[]Michael Daniels

Yeah, he couldn't reach from his bucket next to the truck so in he went.

[]Ernie Szots

Welcome; nice truck!

[]Michael Daniels