Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
1.6 L
Transmission Type
5-Speed Manual
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        A very exciting day today with a new car being added to the stable! Meet Goku the Hachi-Roku, a 1983 Toyota Sprinter (AE86). These cars are becoming exceedingly rare to find in decent condition so when the opportunity arose to snatch this one up, I just couldn't pass it up. AE86s hold a special place in my heart as my uncle used to own and race one many years ago, back when I was too young to realise how awesome his car was, as well as my aunty owning a very clean example for many years before it was stolen - so I felt compelled to one day be an AE86 owner myself. My particular car was owned by one of my uncle's long-time friends. About a year ago I heard a rumour that he was considering selling this car for a ridiculously cheap price tag but nothing ever became of it until now. Regretfully wanting to sell it ASAP and happy to part with it knowing it was going to a good home, I was able to pick Goku up for a stupidly low price considering what it is (let's just say was in the mid-four digits), not to mention the enormous amount of spare parts he threw in - too much to fit in one trailer including a second engine (4A-GE), complete rear end, struts, panels, two gearboxes and the list goes on... Goku comes with a 5-speed manual gearbox and a four cylinder, carburetorated 1.6L 4A-C engine. In terms of what needs to be done to get the car to a daily drivable level, the main issue is currently the car leaks oil like a sieve (apparently due to someone previously hammering the harmonic balancer), it idles very high and hangs revs which should be mostly fixed by a carburetor tune, an obvious exhaust leak and the alternator isn't properly charging the battery apparently due to a faulty voltage regulator. It's only the first few days of ownership so there may be more underlying problems we discover but these are the main concerns facing us before we can reliably get it on the road as a daily drive. In terms of what the plan is with the car, as mentioned our first goal is to get it reliably back on the road as a second daily drive which will take a lot of pressure off if we ever need to work on either car for a prolonged period. The next step will be to do up and swap the second engine that came included in the package which is the much more famous and preferred, twin-cam 4A-GE. Once this is done, in terms of a long-term goal and build plan for Goku, we aren't 100% sure on the details of what exactly we want to do but in some form we hope to turn it into a fully road-registered hillclimb/club race car, with the reliability to flog it every day, drive it to the track on weekends, flog it all day, then drive it home.

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