I was working as a Domino's delivery driver in King George, which is a bit of a small country town, and winter was coming up so I was looking for an awd car to start delivering in for better maneuvering through snow and slush. My uncle and I found this car at a lot where it was in pretty rough condition. It was misfiring on all four cylinders, the wires, pack, and plugs were all shot, the exhaust had a leak, and both rear wheel wells were rusted up on the outside. I ended up buying it and fixing the misfires right away, the rust and exhaust not bothering me because it was just supposed to be a beater that I used for work. I never guessed I'd end up falling in love with it. My dream car ever since I was a kid has always been an old Boss 429 mustang, but in all honesty fixing this car up and getting maybe four or five hundred horses is my new dream. I've got a plan for it that's a little unusual, but we'll see how it goes. I'll let y'all know more when I actually get the money to do something with it.

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