Engine Size
5.0 L
Transmission Type

This has been under construction for about a year and a half and is finally coming together. I have had 7 mustangs in the past and i have always wanted a notch I had a nice 95 cobra clone black on black and i wrecked it, it was a total loss so starting from scratch really makes me appreciate what i have. This car has a complete five lug swap, 03 cobra front brakes and discs in the rear, the seats out of my 95 and a pretty good mild built engine in the future i want to install an 03 IRS and a 408 stroker

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[]Michel Darnell

Im not sure i think 500 horses would be a good goal

[]JJ Cook

A 408W and IRS, I like the way you think. How mild/wild is the 408 going to be?

[]Michel Darnell

Got the beast started yesturday i gotta tweak the timing and idle still but i gotta get a new radiator cap apparently its bad cuz as soon as it warmed up it started spewing

[]Michel Darnell

currently under construction I just got a shipment of parts so it'll be goin soon

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