650 HP
600 LB-FT
Curb Weight
4191 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
3.0 L
Transmission Type
Top Speed
190 MPH
Standing Quarter Mile
11 Seconds
Zero to Sixty
3.5 Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
13/24 MPG

    In 2009 I was shopping around for a mustang, my first real entry into something with a little bit of power. I picked a Mustang because it was a car that fit the bill for just about everything I wanted. At the time l, just being able to afford it went a long way. It was a V8, it looked good, and I could drive it and not get sick of it. It was comfortable on long trips, and even got decent mileage. I found this one back home. I had been shopping for a while now, and I came across this one. Orange wasn't my first choice, not because I didn't like it, but because I have red hair, and didn't want to out up with the jokes. It was a great deal, for 9800 bucks, 60k original miles and 5 years old, I had to have it. So I had my pops go look at it for me and he gave it a clean bill of health and picked it up for me. He drove it, liked it so much, he turned around the next week and bought an 04 Cobra!    The only real downside to ha in the GT was that whenever I'd go to the track and race someone, 8 times out of 10 I'd lose. It didn't matter if it was a hopped up camaro, or a V6 Camry (it happened) It was a stock 4.6 2v after all. A lot of people ask why I didn't go for the cobra. I tried, but when I found that the insurance was going to be more than the car payment, I just couldn't justify it. Corvettes were out of my league, and I had considered a 4th gen F-Body, but I could not get over the interior. I absolutely hated the inside of them, and being that that's where you spend most of your time anyway, that's a deal breaker.    Overall the mustang was just the right choice at the time, and I am very happy with it.    So there I was, 2012, deployed in Afghanistan, I've got money burning a hole in my pocket. I spent as much free time as I could at the USO looking at other cars, and thinking about maybe building my 2v. I was looking at Vettes, GTO's, 5.0 Coyotes, and then kept coming back to cobras. I came across a few good examples, but none that made me want to give up the GT. Right at that moment, I knew what I wanted to do. For the next few months I was on a mission, to find a donor cobra that could give my GT everything I want in a mustang, without getting rid of mine. After seeing several go up for auction, and end up on one website that specializes in mustang parts, I knew they'd be all over this one, a 17k mile, pristine unmolested cobra that someone had just bought off a used car lot, and smacked into a telephone pole in less than 300 miles. I took the risk assuming it had just gone through service and bought it sight unseen and had it delivered to a friends house until I got back.    I arrived home at the end of my deployment a d had a mission. I wanted my GT to be completely swapped before I went back into work off of R&R, which was 14 days. My roommates and I spent all day and night for 12 days straight, and had it all done. Everything from the cobra was stripped, parts strung out in the front yard. Friends that dropped by to see the progress looked at me like I was a mad man. But everything, except for the body panels gto stripped. Engine, trans, brakes, suspension, IRS, every inch of wiring, full interior, fuel tank, all the modules... everything. The GT was stripped to a bare shell and rebuilt in 6 days. The moment of truth. After priming the fuel system, and filling all the fluids, it was time to crank it up. It fired up without a single hiccup. Like it was meant to be. I was more than ecstatic! We buttoned up the car and I drove it for about a year like that. I found that it had already had a pulley and a tune, so I strapped it to a dynojet at a car show and it made 461whp.    The next mods are common in the cobra community. A twin screw blower in place of the eaton makes a good combo. A friend of mine just so happened to be going turbo, so he was selling his low mileage whipple for 2200 bucks. I couldn't pass it up. I found a custom inlet with a dragon throttle body that a guy had on his 2.9 whipple, and with some light machine work from a mutual friend. It fit like a glove. I pieced the car together with all used parts other than the cold air intake and the off road x pipe. I got the 80lb injectors for doing a huge favor for a friend, I ot the ford GT supercar pumps and modified FPDM off of the forums, put it all together and had a complete combo. I took it to the shop up the street that was known for doing good tune work on mustangs, slapped it to the rollers and at 18 lbs of boost the car put down 590whp on 91 octane pump gas. That's how the car stays most of the time, but since then, in the interest of going fast, I have a smaller pulley and torco 108 unleaded gas that I drop in the tank. I haven't had it on the dyno, but at 23 lbs of boost, and more agressive timing, it should be in the high 600 to low 700whp range. Anyway. That's the journey I've taken with this car. I hope you like it. -Mike

Discuss this build

[]Andrew Taylor

Hey I've been searching for information and just happened upon your build. Do you still have your stock injectors? If so do you think you might be able to measure the length for me? I'm putting a 2013 3.7 cyclone in an rx7 FC and think the stock 03-04 cobra injectors might be a perfect budget injector upgrade for my turbo setup. Thanks if you can

[]Brian Pokropski

Love a well built new edge GT! This story makes me miss my 01 GT. I put a ton of work into her then sold it to a friend, with intentions of buying the car back... he sold it before I was ready to buy it back and I've since lost track of the car. I regret selling it... never sell yours! I've always wanted to do a terminator motor swap into my GT when I had it. Glad to see it's working out well on your build!

[]Justin Hatton

That was an epic story, I love the risk taken to obtain what you've gotten. Keep going! Thank you for your services my man!

[]Mitchell Apex hunter

Very cool car and great story with it.

[]Richie Day

Nice build and really cool to have found the other car to swap clean parts for! The car is more than clean.

[]Dale Richardson

Sir cobra swapped and a terminator are different, I don't want to be that guy but that's what they are claiming your car is.

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