Started with a 250k mile $300.00 automatic SETA m20b25 engine swap 5 speed swap ported polished head (cam soon) K&N drop filter Condor speed shop motor mounts & gearbox mounts triangulated, and enforced trans tabs & front subframe reinforced Comforti chip UUC evo3 SSK & DSSR 1980s Vintage MOMO Indy wheel & 90s seat e36 328i front brakes & knuckles Stainless brake lines e36 M3 control arms SLR adjustable CAB's SILVER Project camber plates Koni SA coilovers (650lb springs) 318ti rear subframe & e32 rear calipers 1050lb springs rear 4:10 medium case LSD Koni SA rear shocks Nakamichi 6 disk indash changer MB-75 16x8 Riken reverse mesh wheels Next up is paint job, suspension bushings and interior refresh

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