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        This is my first driver's car. I bought it on 3/27/15 with 73900 miles. I'm still super excited but nervous... can't shake the feeling that I shouldn't be allowed to have it, especially at night with the top down. It's in good shape, but a couple of issues; parking lot damage (tiny dents, scratches on the front bumper from the horrible license plate bracket) and a small rip in the soft top at the bottom corner of the rear window. Weirdly, the rip isn't leaking UNLESS I fold the soft top while it's wet. Step 1: Going to Sugru the rip until I decide on a new soft top. Seems like everyone on miata.net gets a Robbins. Eventually I'd love to put a fastback conversion hardtop on it, but that's bigger money. Step whenever: Properly clean it. It's got a dealership detail, which means armor-all on every surface and a bunch of dog hair left around the base of the seat belt hardware. So the inside needs some attention to detail, and the outside could really use claying and compounding. Step 2: Need to call Mazda with the VIN and figure out exactly what options I've got. I'm getting conflicting opinions about whether the LSD was only available on LS and Shinsen packages, or if the Popular Equipment Package (which I might have, I do have tweeters and a windblocker) had it. I've never had a rear wheel drive car, so as I learn the nuances of driving it I'd like to know how to expect the rear end to behave. Step 3: The wheel center caps are yellowed. Need to decide whether to replace them or paint them.

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