This is my 2018 Subaru Crosstrek Limited I call Otto as in Otto the orange subie. I had no intention of buying a new car this year but my 2006 Ford Fusion was in an accident on January 28th and later declared a total loss, so now I needed a car I was considering a used car but the cars I was considering were just a few (2000+) thousand dollars less than a new base model Crosstrek and I wouldn’t have to worry about what someone else did to it or the mileage. While I was looking at the base model I thought “gee for a few thousand more I can get the top model the Limited”. I didn’t get any extra options besides what it had “the cold weather package” I can add most of them later. The car was a custom order buy someone else and they later decided not to get it so the dealer wanted to get rid of it and they sold it to me at the price without the “cold weather package”, win win for me. The color and fact that it was a Limited was the selling point for me and for a week or two I had the only “sunshine orange” Limited 2018 in the area.

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