130 HP
130 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2300+/- LB
Front wheel drive
Engine Size
1.9 L
Transmission Type
5 speed manual
Standing Quarter Mile
LOL Seconds
Zero to Sixty
Who cares Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
24 MPG

I bought this car in 2009 with about 60K on the clock. Now has just over 100K, and I just like driving this thing, plain and simple. I've thrown some parts at it over the years in hopes of auto crossing it, and I still have yet to actually do that. The aftermarket is nonexistent for the most part with this car, but I have pieced it together as I find parts. The majority of work done on this car has been general upkeep for an older car, such as re-plumbing the brake system, replacing leaky radiators, worn out suspension parts, etc. I've recently gutted most of the interior and creature comforts to shave weight. The weight reduction/mild suspension upgrades/wider tires/bolt ons formula really makes this thing fun! It's mostly a summer driver, it handles well for what it is and makes me smile, except for when I break it (not often). The ultimate plan is to keep it, rebuild the motor whenever it lets go, and run a mild turbo setup on it. So many people ask me why I spend so much time on this thing; I don't know why really. I do know that working on these cars is pretty easy and straightforward, GM really didn't reinvent anything on this car. I also learned how to drive in one of these, a 5 speed to boot. It's different and I like it and sort of enjoy the fact that there is no scene around these cars. If I want to do anything to it, there is no info I have to just figure it out myself, and that's half the fun! Thanks for checking this oddball out!

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[]Ian Kaz

It’s cool to see people do things with these cars. I own one myself and there’s nothing really special about them compared to other cars in its class besides that they are not around anymore. I really do wish there was more aftermarket support for them, as I would love to do some more cosmetic mods and other small things to make it a more enjoyable daily driver.

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