300 HP
220 LB-FT
Engine Size
2 L
Transmission Type
Standing Quarter Mile
13.5 Seconds
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        It turns heads. People walk past, looking at it, not knowing what it is, asking their friends, then when they do find out what it is, they go mad. The JDM scene in Scotland has picked up massively in the last 10 years, imports becoming easier to get your hands on and parts coming over in there masses. This S15 however has had quite the journey, it started life in Japan as every JDM car does, then a small import company in Waunarlwydd, Wales decided it should come to the UK.   Sitting on Rota Drift GTR’s with a very Japanese Vortex body kit, this S15 looks fresh. The big, bold looking intercooler that sticks proudly out of the front bumper like a set of buck teeth gives a hint of what lies in store. Packing a Japspeed manifold, Mongoose downpipe and a full Blitz Nur Spec R straight through exhaust system, it ensures that this car spits more fire than a pissed off dragon. As previously mentioned, the car makes people look, the noise it makes is a total attack on the ears, and when the throttle is finally let off it proudly produces flames that lick out of its suitably large cannon.

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