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No Replacement for Efficient Displacement

We have all seen, heard and loved the torque and grunt that comes with most larger displacement eng

[]Dave Read

94 Honda Civic hatch. Carby. Wide tread. Outclass the big boys thru the twisties. Had a z32 with an ls2, that was fun, but the ability to just throw the civic thru a corner like it weighed nothing was unreal.

[]Sac Car Scene

Displacement plus a lightweight car is what so many people are doing with the engine swaps. I keep seeing so many LS swaps into cars which normally house a 4 cylinder as well as motors like the 2JZ going into civics and FRS/BRZ's.

[]Mike Pavan

Yeah, i understand that is the case anymore but i find it pretty cool to look at engines with smaller displacements in lighter cars that can compete. Obviously talking outside of the monetary realm. Cause yes LS swaps and JZs are fairly cheap due to their time proven parts development as compared to one offs. At the same time its not always about the power too, the character of said car (take for instance a Mr or a miata) is what makes it for most people.

[]Timothy Markworth

Given the choice, it's probably not a bad to just have (at least) one of each. Driving a torque-less wonder isn't that fun, but neither is dailying a car that gets less than 25mpg.

[]Maximilian Rockatansky

My 1.6L supercharged R53 was fun when I was younger. I love the versitility of my 2.5L STi but the 327 V8 in my girlfriends 64 Impala SS absolutely rips. What an amazing piece of machinery

[]Colin Ivy

Ive always been interested in the smaller cars/engines. I drive an AE86 corolla and its the most fun car ive ever driven. Ive always chosen small cars, i think its fun to be so nimble, and to floor the throttle constantly.

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[]Christopher McDowell El

Celica GT4 (ST205), strong 2.0L iron block turbo. My uses would lie between autocross, trackday, rallying, or just plain spirited driving.

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[]Peter J Frias

4G63 from the old talon/eclipse/laser models were pretty good, if you like to add more power.

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