160 HP
235 LB-FT
Engine Size
3.7 L
Transmission Type
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        I live in Ohio, so finding a good original CJ-5 without a lot of rust and crappy patch work is really hard, so I got this one from California. I am 18 years old and this was my first and only vehicle I have right now. When I got it it had no interior, the engine was missing, and the brakes were shot. I rebuilt the entire brake system first then found out that the engine had no compression in one of the cylinders, so I took the heads off and the exhaust valve had a hole in it! Luckily we had an extra set of heads that had already had new valves put in them so I put those on and now she runs great. Then I got some new seats and a soft top so I could daily drive her. So far I am loving every minute driving and working on this thing and I am always anxious to keep improving and restoring her. 

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