Curb weight
3369 lbs
248 bhp

I purchased my 230i non-M new as a custom order as soon as the 2018 LCI update became available. It was ordered with only the Track Handling Package and Moonroof Delete options. I flew down to Los Angeles in October 2017 to pick it up from David at Steve Thomas BMW in Camarillo, CA who hooked me up with invoice pricing on the car after my local dealer in Reno was completely unreasonable. The car's break-in miles were spent on Mulholland Drive and Upper and Lower Tujunga Canyons. I planned to drive the car up the Pacific Coast Highway, but a mudslide forced me to turn around and return to Reno via Vegas, which let me really stretch the car's legs on the remote desert portions of I-95. I finished the trip out by taking the long way around Reno to drive the car through the Virginia City hillclimb route including 6-Mile Canyon and Occidental Grade into Reno. It was the drive of a lifetime. Back to the the car...the Track Handling Package includes staggered Michelin Pilot Supersport tires 225 F / 245 R; 340mm rotors with 4-piston Brembo calipers and M Performance brake pads; Adaptive M-Sport suspension with electronically variable damping and 10mm lowering springs; variable sport steering; and a 155-mph max speed. I also had several cosmetic pieces installed at the port prior to delivery, including M Performance black kidney grills, rear carbon blade spoiler, and aluminum pedals and footrest. It weighed in at 3369 with a half tank of gas its first time on the scales. The plan for the car was always to lightly modify it for mixed daily and entry-level motorsport duty. The immediate deficiencies I noticed were a lack of natural front camber, no LSD, and a quiet exhaust note. My first goal is to tackle the lack of camber because I really despise having uneven tire wear with such nice tires. And if the suspension is going to be mostly off to facilitate installation of the adjustable Vorshlag camber plates, I decided I might as well try to fix as much as I can in one go. So I ordered M-performance bumpstops, Swift Spec R springs (1" drop, 250#F/600#R), and Dinan Shockware to firm up the dampers. I expect this setup to put the car's dynamics at the upper limits of what the stock adaptive dampers can support. I also bought tow hooks in blue and a Schroth harness in red for safety and sweet BMW tricolor visual impact. In 2019 I started running the car in the Street Touring (ST) class for SCCA Solo Autocross in the Reno region to reasonable success. Its far from the fastest car in the class, but I have more fun and look damn good doing it. I've been getting faster, but don't plan on winning the Street Touring class overall anytime soon - I have a couple former national podium finishers to chase down in STU and STR! In fall 2019 I preordered a set of Apex Arc-8R forged wheels in 17x9et42 with a 5mm space and a 75mm stud conversion kit. I was able to jam a 255/40/17 Bridgestone RE71R into the wheelwells after rolling the inner lip up front. The grip is absolutely phenomenal. I took it out to an SCCA Starting Line driving school event near Crow's Landing, CA in March 2020 and it performed flawlessly. I learned a great deal and improved my lap times tremendously after some expert coaching over the day by a host of former national champion drivers. My long term plans for the car are to install a Wavetrac limited slip differential and H&R sway bars with adjustable end links. Then I'd like to remove the exhaust resonator, add a downpipe with high flow catalytic converters, and get a flashtune from bootmod3. If I ever add aero to the car, I'll have to find a custom front splitter to chassis-mount and I'd like to use the rear wing from the m235iR or F80 M4 GTS.

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