~250 HP
~300 LB-FT
3200 LB
Engine Size
2.5 L
30 MPG
5-Speed Geartronic

When I finally had enough money to buy a car, I was looking at GTI's, Speed3's, and WRX's; you know like any guy in their 20's would look at. Suddenly, I found this Volvo...or perhaps it found me. I first saw the car parked in the parking lot by a Chipotle in the next town. I could remember how the clouds parted a big enough gap to shine the sun's rays onto the blue hatch as if all this was the universe telling me something. Fast forward a week after my encounter, I remained persistent in my car hunting. I was losing hope as there wasn't a car in my area that felt right. Out of curiosity, I punched in, "Volvo C30" into CarGuru. To my amazement, that same car appeared as a listing. It was at a dealership on the opposite side of town! I wasn't initially much of a car enthusiast, however, I really wanted my next car to be manual. Unfortunately, it's a 5-Speed Auto, nonetheless, I chose to compromise. Here's a photo of it at the dealership next to some Chargers.

I drove the car for a year until I started rolling in the mods. I couldn't thank Don from Elevate, Michael Hallock, MooseTech, and others enough for helping me out with information My goal as of now is to finish up all the necessary bolt-ons and get a stage 3 tune with the stock K04 turbo. I ran into the previous owner. Older gentleman, Air Force. He loved the car to death, but he had to trade it in because his family wanted a different vehicle. They traded it in for a neon-green, lifted Wrangler. Feels bad.

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