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Hayden Baker8 hours ago

So tempting!


[]Wilson Oberholzer

As if I needed any more temptation to get an M-Tech kit for my E39, lol.

[]Hayden Baker

If I didn't need to replace my center console trim, redo the head liner, vanos rebuild, and new timing chain guides, I would do it. For now, the standard bumper will do, but some day,I'll get one. They just look too good.

[]Wilson Oberholzer

I'm in the same boat. I'm starting to decide what parts I want for my overhaul and upgrade so body mods haven't even started being an option.

[]Hayden Baker

Yeah the list grows longer every day ha

[]Wilson Oberholzer

Don't I know it, lol. Especially with trying to get this thing prepared to be able to handle some track use. I have a feeling I'm going to be almost $2k deep in parts before it's ready.

Bret Svoboda5 hours ago

Post by Bret Svoboda...


[]T!J! Hisaw

What was wrong with old?

[]Bret Svoboda

Went to do a radiator flush and the bottom of the old one broke open, lol

Sammie Robertson5 hours ago

Post by Sammie Robertson...

[]Yves Vds

Welcome back. She's so clean!!

Yves Vds11 hours ago

In Vietnam they know how to do it.


[]Ernie Szots

Holy smokes. I hope that's for a little boom box and not really a baby lol.

[]Yves Vds

This is actually the better way of transporting babies and small children. Usually, they just carry them a long, in their arms.

#Saab #OG93 #BornFromJets #Boost #ProjectCar #DIY #TeamWheelwell #ForTheBuild Well, I didn't get it to start yet but I finally got the new starter in and replaced my broken boost gauge. Hopefully I'll get the main starting issue figured out in the next few days. Next item to try is the battery.

[]Yves Vds

How hard is it to wire in a boost gauge?

Bram van Damme3 hours ago

Just looking into that botched piece of tubing leading into the supercharger. That piece of scaffold tubing has to go!

[]Yves Vds

It isn't beautiful, but it looks very sturdy.

Tom Armstrong6 hours ago I conducted a independent test of my own to see if the WPC treatment process actually reduces friction.....oh boy was I surprised!

Eric Larsen19 hours ago

Neighbor Kid A was gifted a very broken pick-up truck by Neighbor Kid B. "Its yours if you come get it." sort of a thing. Neighbor Kid A doesn't know much about wrenching on cars, but I appreciate his willingness to dive in head first. He's seen me working on my projects in the driveway so he hit me up for #advice the day he brought it home. Didn't know a thing about


[]Craig Crall

Nice of you to help out, it goes a long way. Although you didn't mention it, the engine looks like a 90's Ford straight 6 engine, which happens to be a really reliable piece as long as you don't overheat them or over-rev them. Good advice to replace what he has there. Engine swaps, while fun, are very labor intensive by the time they roll down the road; never as easy as people expect.

Having said that, a Honda B series sounds like a good swap for your MR2.

[]Gregory Garoppolo

Nice write up! That sounds like a fun afternoon, and exactly how people should learn to work on cars!

[]Robert Sixto

Great story. That D series swap intrigues me, because I had plans to swap one into my Civic VX hatchback years ago, with a plan to turbocharge it. With forced induction, those D15/16's can be made very quick.

Caleb Krebs2 hours ago

For all those wondering. The team wheelwell banner doesnt fit fully on a z3, so I improvised, and I love it. #teamwheelwell #wheelwell #forthebuild

[]Chris Martinez

Hey if it works it fits

__ PAStreetScene6 hours ago

Post by __ PAStreetScene...

Shelby Terry5 hours ago

That vortec 350 out of the Tahoe ended up being amazing all the way through. Amazing that is, until I pulled the main caps off and saw that every single one had spun the bearings. Let's just say, I'm glad I got the warranty. I was able to return the engine(after swapping out the vortec heads for some swirl heads I already had) And found another engine. This one came out of a 1993 Chevy 2500. Got it home, and

Erik Nielsen6 hours ago

Post by Erik Nielsen...

Jesse Wang5 hours ago

Post by Jesse Wang...

I like to perform inspections when I perform maintenance or repairs on my vehicles. There are lots of places on cars that are not always easy to access so I like to take what opportunities arise and use them to my advantage to make life easier later. Today, I climbed under the S4 for the first time in a while and while there, I found the lovely surprise pictured below, axle grease coating the surfaces surrounding the axle. This

Travis Huisman5 hours ago

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Jeremy K4 hours ago

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Brian Chin6 hours ago

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Stainless Works 7 hours ago

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Caleb Krebs4 hours ago

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Frank Perez4 hours ago

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Shawn Davis7 hours ago

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Kevin Sanchez6 hours ago

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Anthony Reed3 hours ago

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Paul R4 hours ago

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