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Got into cars from a 2000 Celica, Then restored a 1965 Mustang, now I'm on a 2011 GTI. I try to see cars for what they were intended to do and give them all a fair shot.

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Novice autocross advice

So I am planning on going to my first autross event this year. I have watched some videos on what t

[]Jake Johnson

Smooth is fast. I couldn't tell you how many guys I've ridden with that I've told to slow down and take it more controlled, but when they finally do they knock 3 seconds off their time. If you think you're going hard and fast because the car is drifting out on every corner, you're getting dragged by a Miata

[]Sebastian Nounou

1) Bring tools, jack, jack stands, oil, coolant, brake fluid, tire pressure gauge and compressor, 4-way lug wrench and a folding chair.

2) Walk the course

3) Walk it again

4) Drive it in your head

5) Get out of first gear as quickly as possible

6) Don’t be afraid to hit the limiter

7) Look as many turns ahead as you can.

8) Keep your eyes on where you want to go.

That’s the best I’ve got. Good luck!

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