MORGAN HUGHES'S2014 Ford Focus ST4dr Hatchback w/EcoBoost (2.0L 4cyl Turbo 6M)

Morgan Hughes's 2014 Ford Focus ST 4dr Hatchback w/EcoBoost (2.0L 4cyl Turbo 6M)
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2014 Ford Focus ST

4dr Hatchback w/EcoBoost (2.0L 4cyl Turbo 6M)



Horsepower330 HP
Torque410 LB-FT
Curb Weight3223 LB
DrivetrainFront Wheel Drive
Engine Size2 L
Transmission TypeManual
MPG (City/Highway)24 MPG

The Story

Thank you, to all my friends and sponsors, for which I could not have completed this build without your generosity, help, and support. To think that this car was originally planned to be nothing more than a stock daily driver... I was fed up with my old car I had, a sonic yellow 2003 WRX. Don’t get me wrong the car was fast and unbelievably fun to drive, but the constant worry of what was going to break next took away half of the fun of driving it. I had toyed with the idea of getting a semi-fun daily to keep stock and just drive the WRX on weekends before but this time I was serious. Serious enough to test drive multiple cars, at least. I tried a few S2000s, FRS/BRZs, plus a few other cars but I had never even considered any Fords. All I knew was that the Ford Focus RS was more than I wanted to spend, and it had its fair share of problems. I had completely forgotten about its spunky, younger sibling, the Focus and Fiesta ST. So when I saw one on a nearby car website, I decided to give it a try, and I was instantly hooked. The car was fun to drive, and comfortable to ride in. Plus, it looked great, and had a ton of room (if you know what I mean 😉). But, there was a serious problem with this car, the more I looked into it, the more I wanted to modify it. To get it to the same amount of power that my WRX had, was going to cost almost 4 times less! Everything was so much cheaper and easier to do. So I was left with a dilemma.. Sell the WRX and use the money to pay off part of the car and modify it, or keep the ST as a daily driver and spend my money on a car that was constantly needing to be fixed? I chose the former. Within a week of purchasing the car, about 80-90% of all the parts had been ordered, and shop dates had been scheduled. Everything was going great, until I was Involved in a hit and run. I was hit by a moving truck and the truck just drove off. After sitting for a few seconds in shock, I snapped back to reality and chased after the guy. Two other people looked all over for the driver at night in the pouring rain with me. Eventually, we found him parked behind a nearby Chick-Fil-A. After about 2 weeks of issues with his insurer, we managed to get the damage fixed, and I was finally back to work... Well, so I thought.. After picking up the car from the body shop, I was driving it straight to Jimmy Diaz at Wrap Star (a good friend and sponsor of the build) to get the whole car wrapped in a beautiful Gloss Metallic Blue. Just two minutes from where I was going to drop of my car, I was sideswiped. Less than an hour after just getting the car's damage fixed, and the entire passenger side of my car was toast. I was so upset, I couldn’t function. I got out of the car, and just stared at my phone, as I watched it fall out of my hand onto the wet asphalt. It shattered. A cop, that was apparently two cars behind us, watched and proclaimed, “Oh honey, You’re just not having a good day are you?”. I barely even noticed her standing there. I managed to push something out that was in between that of a disgruntled gurgling noise and vague affirmative answer. I couldn’t fathom how my luck could be this bad. Half of the build was supposed to have already been done y now, and the only thing on the car was the wheels. They were honestly the first thing I checked, as I had JUST bought them. Thank God, they were not damaged. I eventually figured everything out with the insurance, and it was $3000 in damages, two more weeks in the shop, and three pre-damaged door skins that ford kept sending later, the car was perfect again. Now, it was crunch time. Over a month behind schedule on a 3 month build, and I was in a mild panic mode. I still had to install all of the performance mods, get it tuned twice, install all the suspension mods, get it aligned, wrap the car, and finish off the aero… Most of which, had to be custom made and powder coated. I started with the performance modifications. I decided to go straight to stage 3 with a 93 octane tune and an E30 tune. So, with the help of JST and Mishimoto, the front mount intercooler was the first on the list to be replaced. After that, it was custom exhaust, a catted downpipe, intake spark plugs, and finally the tune. And man, after that tune she already felt like an entirely different monster with over 400 foot pounds of torque at 2700RPM. With all that power, it made me want to push the car harder. I needed better suspension to help out. Enter Jesse at Whiteline a good friend and my liaison to my sponsorship with Whiteline for my Subaru. I contacted him erlier about the current build and he was happy to extend his help. Importing the first Whiteline rear sway bar and end links for the Focus ST in the US (not on a purpose-built race car lol). Along with lowering springs from Swift and a torque gusset traction bar, the car was ready to turn just as well as it ran. And with almost all of these parts I had help from my awesome Girlfriend and David Besse at Atomic tint shop to help me install what I wasn’t comfortable installing by myself. Next up was the wrap! I wanted to pay homage to the prototype Focus and Fiesta ST with their liquid blue color scheme so I chose a color I thought was about as close as you could get and went with a wrap installer that while having great quality installs has something I valued more up his sleeve, true artistic creativity, hand cutting all vinyl to shape and using the natural body lines of a car to accent the more aggressive features he completely transformed the look and feel of the car from a simple black hatchback to an aggressive, in your face, bright blue statement of speed. He worked most days till 2 AM fitting me in with my tight schedule and I could not be happier with the result. Lastly was the aero and a few appearance pieces. Thanks to Sickspeed I was able to get some awesome custom lugs for the wheels I had and with the help of my tuner I was able to track down the wing that was on the JST focus ST Time Attack car. But with tat aggressive wing, you need other pieces to complement it. Thanks to Ray at Nutty Bros Customs I was able to have a truly custom one of design made for a front splitter rear diffuser and two sets of canards. That along with a Vega motor works side skirt extension completed one of my favorite parts of the car. With literally one day until the Unveiling at Riverside Spring Meet 3 in Chattanooga Tn. I was scrambling to get everything buttoned down in time there are a few things that did have to wait like the window tint, the exterior decals and the ceramic coating but all in all I can’t complain. Going from completely stock to how it sits now in less than three months is nothing short of incredible to me and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I want to give a huge thanks to all my sponsors. cooling: Velossa Tech Design - Suspension: Whiteline - Performance: Mishimoto - Nutty Bros Custom Designs - @NB_automotive_customs_designs Body wrap: Wrap Star - Accent pieces and banners: Stick N’ Wrap - **Coming soon Installs: Atomic Tint Shop - Lugs: Sickspeed - NCA Tint: Window Tinting -

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[]Andrew Johnson

Awesome build, love the wrap color and all of the visual bits. Well done!

[]Morgan Hughes

Thank you!

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