310 WHP
316 WTQ
curb weight
3435 LB
Engine Size
2.5l Semi Closed Deck
5 Speed Manual
Top Speed
155 MPH
Quarter Mile
13.5 s
4.6 s
24 MPG

Update: Car was T-boned and totalled whilst breaking in the motor :( The plan is to buy another legacy and continue the build rounding 2023-2024. Working through life stuff and currently don't have room for another car:( Bought in February 2018 with a blown engine due to ringland failure in cylinder 4. Replaced engine with a few friends in a weekend. Come December 2018 I noticed it started smoking pretty bad. Brought it to 603 for diagnosing, and numbers show a tired engine. One failing by exhaust valves and piston rings. I decided instead of buying another supposedly "rebuilt engine", I decided I would save my money and do it the right way with the engine I want. Now its got a Stage 2 Tuff Short Block and a bunch of other goodies!! Long term plan includes Grimmspeed TMIC, DOM 1.5xtr Turbo, new 6 speed STI transmission, outback suspension swap, king springs, and top it off with a 2in AFD lift! Follow along to witness this sick ass build!! You won't regret it.

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